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It allowed him provide “Lancer” brand new services of “Utopia”, and can destroy “Volcasaurus” and you can attack individually on the winnings

It allowed him provide “Lancer” brand new services of “Utopia”, and can destroy “Volcasaurus” and you can attack individually on the winnings

Which have all of their moves countered along with the appearance of “Matter 19: Freezadon”, and that offered “Volcasaurus” the Overlay Products right back, Shark and Yuma was forced to the a large part. Immediately after Summoning “Utopia” and having it made not able to attack from the Chills’ “Avalanche”, Yuma made use of their perception to protect Shark of symptoms that will have caused Shark to reduce. Immediately after with “Utopia” additionally the newly Summoned “Black Ray Lancer” missing from the “Volcasaurus” (to avoid dropping of the “Ruin Diet”), Shark narrowly hinders dropping regarding a direct attack by using the trap “Latest Offering”, finish the fight Phase and you will offering Yuma “Armored Xyz”. Once reducing Chills of the pressuring your to make use of his “Compensation Replace” Trap, and therefore protected “Volcasaurus” by using damage equivalent to the ATK, Yuma used “Beast Reborn” to restore Shark’s “Black Ray Lancer” and you may facilitate it towards the “Armored Xyz” Shark had trusted so you can him before. Later on, Shark commented that their credit been able to improve Yuma’s games, enabling your to store they just before smiling and you will taking walks regarding. [19]

The guy awoke regarding the medical later on and was told through Mr

Whenever Tori is seeking inquire some body regarding “Number” notes, she went towards the Shark, who shared with her one she shouldn’t try people cards and that they is actually items that neither of them is to know in more detail. [43] One-day at school, Shark noticed Yuma running right through the latest hallways and you will are amused by the they, posting comments exactly how “hot headed” they are. Mr. Kay starred in side from him, expressing his recovery Shark yields to school. The guy shrugged your from and you may began walking out, but eliminated shortly after the guy stated exactly how much Shark altered just after conference Yuma. Shark paid attention to Mr. Kay describing Yuma’s “sun-like” electricity, but possess their cool whenever asked his viewpoint and you can walks away. On the roof, Shark questioned just what Mr. Kay told you about Yuma, causing your to help you laugh. Seeing Orbital seven under a trash is also moving the lower him and you can abide by it on boys’ locker space in the gym. Shark experience Orbital seven tried to inexpensive the Emperor’s Trick, but he recovered it and you will are chased inside the college by the fresh new robot.

Only whenever Orbital eight was about so you’re able to destroy him which have a beneficial drill, Kite Tenjo wandered within the and you can titled a halt. Shark and you will Kite each other spoke a small about their connection to Yuma, and you may Shark would not offer Yuma’s the answer to your. Shortly after reading Kite speak about this new “Numbers” notes, Shark know they are the fresh new “Count Hunter” immediately after which lied so you can Kite on the with an effective “Number” cards, next fitness rapid rencontres good Duel is actually come across the hands over Emperor’s Key. Shark try confident on the his Deck’s new Anti-“Numbers” method, hence proved energetic against Yuma. However, he nevertheless desired to features good “Number”, therefore the guy wanted to bargain Kite’s “Numbers”, but Kite observed they and you can utilized “Matter 29: Acidic Golem out of Exhaustion” to make sure that the adverse effects ruin Shark when he steals they. Shark appreciated one Yuma cannot quit, recognized the key and you can proceeded the latest Duel. Whenever Shark destroyed, he apologized in order to Yuma getting he don’t cover this new Emperor’s Secret. Yet not, Kite was astonished that the spirit failed to have a beneficial “Number” card, yet still got his soul whenever Yuma arrived. [14]

Shark’s heart is taken by Photon Hands, leading to your so you can the guy age considerably and start to become comatose

Shark was then was able about hospital, getting manage by Mr. Kay. Immediately following Astral and Yuma draw with Kite when you look at the an effective Duel, the guy made a decision to launch Shark’s soul as he wasn’t good “Number” proprietor. Kay that Yuma saved your. [20]

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